M&S- Back where it all began.

by leeshb

So just under 130 years ago the retailer we all know and love, Marks and Spencer, was born in Leeds as a small Penny Bazaar. Now, the business is thriving with over 1000 stores worldwide.

This week Marks and Spencer have gone back in time, and have launched a stall in Leeds Kirkgate Market, the same place where the original M&S began. The stall will sell heritage items alongside other small items such as sweets and biscuits. Alongside this there is also a small coffee shop.


I think that this is a great PR campaign for Marks and Spencer as they are able to show their consumers their heritage, which most people would like to know especially in a physical setting. I also think in a competitive, corporate world it is easy to forget where a company has come from and it is nice to know that M&S still know their roots and are happy to share this with their customers.