#FindTheEggs virtually with Tesco

by leeshb

Tesco have teamed with Google Street View to launch an online Easter egg hunt, where users can scan an area of their choice to find virtual eggs, but have the chance to win a real chocolate prize if 3 eggs are found. Also, there have been “golden eggs” placed around the UK map which when found by users will win them a tablet.

easter egg

This digital concept is a fun and innovative way to engage consumers but also bring them together as part of a “Tesco Community”. The hunt is easily shareable with Twitter and Facebook buttons, and users are only allowed to see the egg map if they share on Facebook. With an additional integrated hashtag of #FindTheEggs the Egg Hunt is a great PR tool driving users to have conversations both online and offline about Tesco’s egg range. Personally I think Tesco are working hard to rebuild their community of loyal consumers after all of the scandal, and these digital tools are a great way to do that. I personally am having fun with this and straight after this I’m going to carry on hunting.

If you’ve played this and actually won anything let me know!