Ad(s) of the Day- Gumtree- “Success”

by leeshb



Gumtree have recently launched an integrated campaign to advertise their services. Four adverts have been developed to celebrate the successes between buyers and sellers on the Gumtree website; highlighting especially the motors, careers and product sectors. I like that the message of the advertising is clear and the target audience can gain not only an understanding but a sense of reassurance from the company. One thing I didn’t particularly like was the annoying bearded man, although aiming for comedy these over the top characters are starting to become a bit cliché  (and still annoying). I guess they do make you remember the ad though so the purpose is there. Overall a good set of ads to sell what gumtree do.

Agency: Fold7
Client: Gumtree
Sector: Online Classified Advertising
Place: United Kingdom