Renault Clio “Va-Va Voom” Campaign

by leeshb

Here is an integrated experiential and online campaign for Renault that I had to share with you all! In this online campaign, two males and two females take the new Renault Clio for a test drive and are greeted with a surprise (see for yourself below).



I think that this is a really creative and an innovative approach to showcasing a product online. The ads are more than just a promotion for a new car. There’s an experience there, and what way to show the experience you’d have in a Renault Clio than taking unaware members of the public right into Paris. The “Va-Va Voom” theme is brilliant as it shows what the brand is trying to say about what’s great about their car, and the billboard at the end “Reignite your Va-Va Voom” allows consumers to feel great about themselves.

The campaign gives people a chance to realise that they have a spark inside of them that just needs reignited, and with the Renault Clio they’ll be as hot as the scene placed in front of them. Makes sense. I think this is even a joy to watch online as nobody expects what is going to happen let alone the drivers themselves.

Definitely shareable, with the right amount of cheesy content and left with the understanding of brand values. Nice!