All Things Weird and Wonderful

by leeshb

So as we know, the internet is full of CRAZY content and I believe it would be wrong of me if I didn’t start sharing the things that make me laugh, intrigued, smile, cry, curious, cringe (the list goes on).

I haven’t even seen the film “Life of Pi” yet but this journey website made me want to see it even more. I think this website for the film is just a great use of technology and the web, the control given to the user makes the experience enjoyable to people that have but also those that haven’t seen the film.



So this piece of web brilliance has been developed in Japan for all procrastinators across the globe. The website lets you turn any other website into a maze game, allowing you to control a little silver ball across your screen and score points. As you can see above, I took it upon myself to turn my LinkedIn into a maze and must admit I was distracted from my Finance revision for about 15 mins. Fun and quirky use of the web, try it out!

  • And finally here’s a real talking dog. Joking but it’s so funny and I’d be surprised if you hadn’t seen this already. For those who haven’t enjoy.