Ad of The Day- Omega- ‘Co-Axial World’

by leeshb


Finally reaching out into global advertising (I’ve realised I always focus on British advertising and sometimes I need to venture out of this comfort zone), I came across this cinematic advert while on holiday. Lying in my hotel room I was watching the only English channel available, and this charming advert pulled me into another world for 70 seconds. A captivating voiceover reads; “there are moments so perfect, you’d hardly think they were made by humans”. This introduction leads us into a journey laced with a beautiful soundtrack and imagery that you would never guess had been developed through different pieces of a watch. As my senses are captivated I am taken through a story highlighting time, elegance and intricate detail that in the end leads me to a very beautiful product- and I feel like it has been designed in front of and especially for me, in 70 seconds. Just beautiful and speaks the mind of the product.

Agency: HMNS, Milan
Client: Omega
Place: Europe
Sector: Watches and Jewellery