Ad of The Day- Pepsi- “Mirrors”

by leeshb


I’m sure all of you who take interest in entertainment news have already seen this advert, but I thought it would be nice to share. Pepsi have launched the “Live For Now” campaign with their brand ambassador, Beyonce Knowles, at the focus of the ad journeying through here previous stage persona’s. Pepsi as a brand are doing what they do best with this, indulging in iconic pop culture to keep their product up to date. Beyonce seems to be reigning pop culture this year too, with a huge upcoming tour, the face H&M’s summer line and her epic super bowl performance- people can’t stop talking about her. Pepsi were right to sign her, showcasing Beyonce from her “Bootylicious” days into a grown woman (the title of her new song she managed to get featured in the ad). I didn’t get the whole #BeyHereNow anticipation for the advert though through social media, was all a bit odd…

Agency: 180LA
Client: Pepsi
Sector: Beverage
Place: United States/Global