Jack Daniel’s “Sinatra Select” Experiential Marketing

by leeshb

I was in Gatwick Airport last week, and as I was browsing through the Duty Free I came across a wonderful “set” that had been created for Jack Daniel’s special edition of their whiskey product, “Sinatra Select”. I really love the association between Frank Sinatra and Jack Daniel’s, and even now I believe that he is still the right man for the job in terms of being a brand ambassador. The “set” I previously mentioned consisted of a backdrop explaining the connection between Sinatra and Jack Daniel’s, a shiny piano, wonderfully presented product arrangements and to top it off, a man dressed in a sharp suit with a old school microphone, singing Sinatra classics.


The experience as a whole from a consumer point of view was great, I felt like I was at one of the rat pack shows for free and that Frank Sinatra’s legacy was being re-introduced to people. It’s unexpected to find a live concert going on while you’re browsing through the alcohol section, and being drawn into the world filled with class and charm that Frank Sinatra reigned was a great experience even if I am not a fan of whiskey. In terms of the target audience, I think that the majority of men would love to believe that they hold the same “swag” that Sinatra holds effortlessly when drinking a glass of Jack Daniel’s- so showing them in store that this is possible with “this is a gentleman’s drink” markets the product perfectly.


Only thing that let me down was when the impersonator was swigging from the “what I thought was Jack Daniel’s” glass, and I looked at him, and he shouted in a clear English accent “it’s only water love”. Even though he was a good singer, it took me out of the charming world instantly. But hey, you win some you lose some. A lovely in store promotion!

2013-03-30 11.03.44