Ad of The Day- Kit Kat- “Dancing Panda”

by leeshb


This throwback advert from 1987 has been brought back to our screens in 2013 by Kit Kat. This is rare for a brand, however the dancing pandas featured in the advertisement caused such a buzz back then that 25 years later it’s only right to share the humour with new audiences. The advert is hilarious, me and my boyfriend found ourselves laughing our heads off at the TV because of the pure silliness and the background music. From what I can see on the Kit Kat Facebook page, older audience members who remember this ad are really happy to see it back on their screens and was a nice “blast from the past”. I’m sure that Kit Kat knew that bringing back this ad would drive conversation on social media that never would have happened before.

Agency: JWT London
Client: Kit Kat
Sector: Food/Confectionery
Place: United Kingdom