Ad of The Day- Adidas- “It’s blue, what else matters?”

by leeshb


I thought that this was an advert with a strong message from ad agency The Corner. Adidas are promoting the new Chelsea FC kit, and in a bid to get people to pre-order, the football kit isn’t even featured in the online advert. WHAT? This makes no sense you say. It’s true, that in a literal sense does sound silly however the advert aims to do more than just feature a new “kit”. The bass in the music, the flow of the paint and the slow motion visuals provide Chelsea FC fans with something more than just a top and shorts. It’s their team. It’s their colour. They are part of a unit that move together. That is all that matters, and that’s the point of this advertisement. Adidas know that fans will buy the kit, they just need to give them a reason to pre-order. I personally think the ad is really creative and definitely portrays the strong “blue” message.

Agency: The Corner
Client: Adidas
Sector: Sports
Place: United Kingdom