Ad of The Day- National Geographic Channel – “Rubik’s Cube”

by leeshb


I must say The Corner have been developing some really great adverts lately. Sometimes simple ideas from an overall concept can actually create a lovely piece of work. The National Geographic Channel are going to launch a set of programmes all about the 1980’s and what a better way to promote them then to include all the best nostalgic 1980’s fads/memories in an old school Rubik’s Cube. The transitions alongside the voice over just make sense, and all those who were alive in the 1980’s will be interested in at least one thing or symbol in the ad in order to be interested. My favourite line “sure you would have seen a moonwalk, but you wouldn’t have seen THE moonwalk”, two great things within that era in one witty sentence. Simple yet creative.

Agency: The Corner
Client: National Geographic Channel
Sector: Television
Place: United Kingdom