Santander- The worst use of celebrity endorsement that I have ever seen

by leeshb

Ah celebrity endorsement. A tactic that most marketeers use with the hope of boosting credibility, building brand relationships and generally increasing a brand’s profile. In Santander’s case, none of the above factors seemed to be considered in their latest campaign, and they just decided to dump celebrities within their advertising for the sake of it.


I literally feel sorry for Jessica Ennis, Jenson Button and Rory McIlroy in this campaign as nobody should be made to do this- ever! There is a reason they are so good at sport, this is why they are not actors. Even so, I believe that the overall idea of this campaign is just poor. WHY are these celebrities even being used? What association do they have with a “2% cash back”? Why are they relevant at all?!  I cannot tell whether the idea is meant to be ironic, sarcastic or just simply celebrities scaring real people in their daily lives. Either way, It is safe to say that everything about this is just wrong.

I am not usually the one to slander campaigns, there is usually at least one positive point that I can find to talk about. I think that Santander/Havas Worldwide probably thought that the general public usually take a liking to British Sportsmen/Sportswomen and therefore used them as they would be likeable brand ambassadors. That’s a fair enough point, but if there is no relevance with them to your campaign or message then scrap it! You can’t use celebrities just for the sake of it.

I think it is possible to say that this is the worst campaign I have seen in a long time.

Agency: Havas Worldwide
Client: Santander
Sector: Banking/Finance
Place: United Kingdom