Ad of The Day- IKEA- “Make More of Your Garden”

by leeshb


IKEA have launched a new campaign today focusing on their ranges of outdoor/garden furniture and accessories. The above advert is actually a 2 minute long “music video” that has launched online that will be cut down into shorter adverts, and will run on TV until June. Mother London created IKEA’s previous two adverts (Living Together and Playin’ With My Friends- both which you can search on my blog) and I thought they were both great. The consistency delivered has been wonderful, and this one is no different as they haven’t lost their touch for wacky and wonderful ideas to convince home owners to do up their gardens. Although the gnomes are a bit scary, their metaphorical representation of garden dullness is very clever in regards to consumers who don’t have a passion to do up their garden as much as indoors.

I think that the campaign also tries to restore hope into consumers lives that we will have a lovely summer (whilst we are still realistically in the bleak winter). Although I personally don’t believe the rain will stay off long enough for the garden to have beautiful furnishings, the ad is a good watch and carries a great message of change. Also the song used in the ad is a called “Time for Change” by The Palace of Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra and The Heritage Singers (actually a cover of the original by The Mötley Crüe).

Agency: Mother London
Client: IKEA
Sector: Home/Furniture
Place: United Kingdom