Why limit your dreams?

by leeshb

I usually don’t write posts that talk about anything other than campaigns or are marketing communications related. I thought now would be the right time to talk about the “limitations of dreams” that people seem to be coming across these days and why this is happening.

So as you can read in my about me, right now I’m still at University and doing what I would call “chasing my dreams”. I have to get this straight, my dream is not university, but it is one of the stepping stones that I believe (eventually) will fulfil all of the dreams I could ever imagine. I’ve had this conversation with quite a few people, and it seems to me these days that a lot of young people are so inclined to “live in the moment” that their dreams are being pushed to the side in order for this to happen.

Obviously, not everybody is destined to dream about having a great career. I think that the majority of people would say their dream is to just “be happy”. Sure, I would say my overall dream is that too. But what about all the small stuff? I feel like as students we have been made to believe that we live life in a system, in which we go through university to get a job to pay bills and then that’s it. People have said “well, that’s reality”, but somehow I think there is just so much more to life than that. I was talking to my friend and we came up with the theory that students literally believe that they have their 3 or 4 years of University to “live their life” and then the rest of their life is just working hard. Why should the system be that way? I believe that while I am this young, 19 years old, that I should be doing anything and everything with my time and effort to chase the dreams that I eventually will be able to fulfil in 10 years time.

Things like travelling the world with friends, building a family and being inspired on a daily basis because I have worked hard enough to do so- is more than an incentive to me in order to drive forward with my career and my life. While we are this young surely life should be about taking risks because we have nothing to lose. Everybody is different, that’s understandable. However, could it be true to say that the limitations that we have with our dreams (e.g. “I don’t have enough money”, “I don’t know what I want”, “I need to live up my youth”) are actually defence mechanisms because we are all too scared to take risks?

It’s a controversial topic and I’m sure many people would disagree with me. I just personally feel like life is worth taking risks otherwise you’re just limiting the dreams you should actually be throwing your life at.