Ad of The Day- Sainsbury’s- “Little Ones”

by leeshb


I thought that this was a really sweet advert for Sainsbury’s, who are promoting their new “Little Ones” baby range. I’m pretty sure that all mothers out there are looking for anything to make their lives just that little bit easier, and Sainsbury’s are providing them with that solution especially in this advert. I especially liked the charm of it being “the second time round”, as a lot of parents probably make a few mistakes with the first child so they know what to prevent or make nicer for the second. As the first child myself, this does make me jealous and older siblings may put their parents off as they believe their little brother or sister should be treated the same way. Overall the integrated campaign will be nice to give a confidence to parents that there are tools out there to make their daily baby routines more enjoyable and stress free.

Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers
Client: Sainsbury’s
Sector: Consumer Goods
Place: United Kingdom