My Favourite Apps! (April Edition)

by leeshb

This is one of the new features I have decided to blog about. Digital Marketing and consumer engagement are both topics that excite me so I thought I’d dive into the world of apps. Considering I have an iPhone and I rarely use it to find new apps, I thought I’d start doing this as there are some brilliant tools out there for almost anything you could ever need. Every month I will tell you my top 5 and let you know how they’ve worked for me (search “My Favourite Apps!” and all my other posts should be there for you to see).

5. Countdown

photo (2)

The fun of the Easter holidays has drawn to a close, and as I sit here in my university bed preparing for exam season, there is only one thing keeping me motivated. Holiday! The thought of sun, sea and sand is something that’ll instantly make me revise, and this coundown app is great for keeping my mood happy. Being able to put in the exact date and time, alongside your own photo makes the app extremely exciting when needing that extra motivation!

4. Tube Map


For those of you who travel in and out of London regularly and are still confused with the underground system- here is an app for you. I don’t live in London but I find myself forever there, so this app is always handy in directing me northbound or southbound to my destination. The app allows you to find direct routing to each station and finds the quickest ways to get there. Simple and fast to use- would definitely recommend.

3. Metro


I found myself in a position where I used to get sad if I went on the train and couldn’t read a metro. It single handedly enhances my journey with to the point stories and pictures so I downloaded the app. I was so pleasantly surprised with the format that I now read it even when I’m not on the the train! The app scrolls like a newspaper and gives all of the stories that you would find in the print format, just scaled to size and easy to read. I wouldn’t download on 3g if you don’t have unlimited data but downloading each issue is quick with a wireless connection so overall a great app.

2. TimerCam

timer app

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you want to take a picture with someone but there’s nobody to take it? Me and my sister have this issue all of the time, and this handy app has made life so much easier! I only expected the timer option to be available on digital cameras, and as there isn’t a pre-set timer on my iPhone I thought all hope was lost with that. That was until the random day came that I searched for a timer app and there were plenty to choose from. I selected this one and have stuck with it ever since, allowing you to choose your timer from 5 to 30 seconds and it’s as simple as that.

1. Dropbox


This is whole heartedly my favourite app of the month! Last month my iPhone was stolen and I was devastated to lose all of my photos and videos with it. Luckily my photo stream saved some, but if I would have had this app then everything would have been saved. I downloaded Dropbox onto my new phone and suddenly my life has become so much easier- I wonder why I never knew about this?! The process of putting photographs onto my laptop has been chopped out of my life saving so much time, uploading through a wireless connection straight to my computer. It’s not just photos/videos either, everything including documents can all be backed up to the cloud and safe (just in case technology fails you or someone robs you). Life saving app!