Ad of The Day- British Heart Foundation- “HATE”

by leeshb


The hard-hitting truth that this advert brings to every viewer makes this campaign very strong. Personally, I think that the transparency within the advertising makes the message that much more hard hitting than shockvertising health/charity campaigns. This quote really touched me; “It lurks among the places you least expect – it takes the young and the fit and it does not discriminate. But we are fighting back”, especially as all of the victims featured are young and people that you would “never expect it to happen to”. This is the reality for most of us, we believe that Heart Disease and many other life threatening illnesses don’t happen to people like us.

I’m glad that Grey London have picked up on this, and especially through using the clip of footballer Fabrice Muamba during his cardiac arrest on the pitch, people are more inclined to understand the reality of the lives that people suffering with Heart Disease are living. Instead of making them feel soppy though, there is a motivating element that makes audiences want to help “fight” the disease. I think the format of making it look like a news story is a great way to engage audiences and make them really listen. Hopefully people will act from this and donate.

Agency: Grey London
Client: British Heart Foundation
Sector: Non-Profit/Charity/Health
Place: United Kingdom