Porsche Cayman “The Power of Balance” Digital Campaign

by leeshb


I thought that this digital campaign by Karmarama for the new Porsche model “Cayman” was really cool. I must admit that I am very bored of print advertisements for cars and I always tell people that I wish that agencies would “switch up” the ways in which these cars are promoted. “Advanced engineering. Driving ambition. A perfect fusion of man and machine, brought together in true Porsche spirit. This is what makes the new Cayman unique. This is the Power of Balance.” This strong statement for the campaign and model is exactly what will lead the target audience (men who have a passion for sports cars) to interact with the brand and play the game.

These kind of campaigns spark the competitive streak within people- especially if there is a chance to gain a top score on a leader board somewhere or a prize to drive the sports car around a race track. The graphics are really sleek and the whole concept definitely communicates the “balance” message of this Porsche model to the consumer.

Try the game here: https://caymanbalance.porsche.com/campaign

Agency: Karmarama
Client: Porsche
Sector: Automotive
Place: United Kingdom