Ad of The Day- McDonald’s- “Joe’s Journey”

by leeshb


I personally think the strapline for this advert says it all. “Worth getting up early for”- insight that even I know is true! Everybody I know who loves a sausage and egg McMuffin will tell you how their craving for it in the morning, will make them get up and travel to get it. The depiction of this insight in the ad is lovely, following a man from the Scottish Highlands on his journey to get the “iconic” breakfast item. I think it has an iconic status at McDonald’s for that exact reason, the satisfactory feeling consumers have when they’ve got up to make that purchase especially. Highlighting that emotional attachment is very good and if shown in the morning I’m pretty sure it’ll nudge a few people out of bed.

Agency: Leo Burnett London
Client: McDonald’s
Sector: Fast Food
Place: United Kingdom