Red Bull #EditionsAirdrop Stunt

by leeshb

In 2012 Red Bull came out in full force, with a mission using helicopters to air drop crates full of Red Bull at 400 university campuses worldwide. This guerilla tactic worked perfectly, and this year they’ve done it again.


This month, Red Bull decided to take to the skies again in order to promote their new “Wings for Every Taste” flavoured editions of the product. Earlier in April, 120 universities in the US were targeted and in one night, crates were dropped across the campuses to be found by students. The free Red Bull products and exciting “air drop” tactic was a great way to drive conversation online, with thousands of students tweeting, facebooking and instagraming about their Red Bull experience.

I think that the promotional video’s for the stunt both last year and this year represent the brand fully, with a sense of excitement and building an adrenaline rush for those who were involved. I personally love Red Bull as a brand and think they execute their brand values in the most amazing ways (e.g. Felix Baumgartner space jump). The “Air Drop” website shows all of the states in the USA where the crates were dropped and follows through with the integrated “mission like” campaign.

red bull air drop

A couple of days ago, the campaign was brought back to the UK with 20 Universities being targeted with the crate drops. The PR stunt was timed perfectly, as exam/assignment hand in season is upon us and millions of students across the UK are buying Red Bull to keep them energised. What a better time to launch the new editions and in such a spectacular way? This stunt taps into the student market perfectly, engaging consumers with exiting and shareable content but also with free product (every student appreciates this).

Air Drop 1

Overall I think that the air drop stunt has been brilliant for Red Bull and has been executed wonderfully.