Exciting Coca-Cola “Share a Coke” Campaign

by leeshb

Superbrand Coca-Cola are to launch a new campaign entitled “Share a Coke”, encouraging consumers to connect with the brand and buy the product for their friends/family. The campaign will consist of 150 “popular names” across the UK replacing the Coca-Cola brand name and logo on the packaging of the 375ml and 500ml bottles in stores.

The idea of the “names” initiative is for the brand to celebrate and connect with their consumers in a very personal way, engaging them while they find their name or search for a name of a family member or friend. I think the name of the campaign will be very relevant in both sharing the actual product but also if people find their name, this is brilliant shareable content and I can see people filling up their Instagram/Twitter/Facebook with their “personalised” bottle.


When I first heard about the initiative I was a bit disappointed only because I was one of those children that could never find my name on anything and had to put up with the “closest option”, which I thought would also be the case for this campaign. Coca-Cola however, have thought about this limitation and are to launch an online app (probably through Facebook) that’ll allow consumers to put their name on a Coke can if their name is unavailable in stores.

I think that this personal campaign will definitely drive sales for the company and gain quite a lot of PR coverage (as the idea is quite unique and possibly risky).