Intern Diary – Leader Communications – Week 1

by leeshb

So as promised, here is my first “Intern Diary” post. Firstly I’d just like to apologise for my lack of posts, however I have learned that 12 hour days while travelling and interning don’t allow much time for this! I have officially finished my second year of university and have started my two week internship at “Leader Communications“, a company that specialise in PR, Marketing and Design. I have taken on the position as a PR intern, and my manager is the brand communicator.


The weather was on my side this week, with sunshine pouring from the sky as I made my way to Henley-in-Arden each day. The journey takes around one and half hours in the morning and also on return, which isn’t too bad. I was surprised on arrival at the cosy feel of the offices, and a smaller team (of only 12) gave off a warmer vibe as their were a lot less names to remember! I have to admit, I was very nervous when I first arrived as it is the first time I have entered a real industry environment- I had to make a good impression! I was given a hot desk, a laptop and all the assistance/tea I could ask for- and then I was put to work.

2013-05-01 09.34.12

My hot desk

I felt really good after my first day, and the next few days after that, as for the first time I was given some real responsibility. My manager filled me in on their recent project for a client, and I was issued set tasks- including researching the client, analysing the media schedule and making media recommendations. One of the most daunting tasks I received (but equally exciting) on Thursday was to begin calling the press for follow ups on press releases, asking for deadlines and “selling in” the story in order for them to feature the client. At first I was too nervous to make a mistake, but after watching my digital executive colleague do it, I grew a pair and did it myself. It was fine after the first few and now I feel comfortable in making these calls- let’s hope this doesn’t change!

The lovely weather on my walk to the office

The lovely weather on my walk to the office

Another thing I really enjoyed was having scheduled meetings with members of the team in order to gain an insight of what they do but also their career path from when they started. I gained some great advice from the Operations Director of the company, as he used to work in advertising and I am still deciding whether that is actually the career path for me. He has also been great in showing me developments for a live project (a re brand for a baby milk brand) and how clients react to the work.

Overall my first week has given me a great insight into the “world of work” and seeing how each department works together (or separately) depending on what the client needs. Also, I have to add that the sandwich shop around the corner of the office make the most exquisite sandwiches and have made my lunchtimes amazing.

On that note I look forward to next week, and hope this has given a little bit of an overview of what interning is like so far!