Ad of The Day- Volkswagen- “Baby”

by leeshb


I really love this advert for Volkswagen. In order to promote their new technology that switches off the engine whenever the car comes to a standstill, the advertising uses humour to show what the car does. Throughout the advert, a father is trying to get his baby to sleep by driving around the silent city in the middle of the night. Every time the car needs to stop at a traffic light, the car switches off and the sleeping baby is woken up – to the dismay of the father who looks tired from the crying. I especially like when the father pulls up alongside a car with another father with the same problem, and then the strap line reads “At least you’ll save money on fuel”. Really funny and shows the function of the car in not such a boring way!

Agency: adam&eveDDB
Client: Volkswagen
Sector: Automotive/Cars
Place: United Kingdom