My favourite augmented reality campaigns

by leeshb

So I have a real love for consumer experience marketing, and Augmented Reality is a fabulous media tool used by brands in order to engage with their consumers and develop experiences like never before. “Virtual reality”; a concept that 20 years ago would have been unimaginable by marketers (just like the web was back then), is now here and is being used to reach and capture the attention of audiences globally. Here are a few of my favourite Augmented Reality campaigns over the past few years;

“TrackMyMacca’s” – McDonald’s – Australia


A clever way to show consumers what’s in their food (a big challenge that McDonald’s as a brand always faces), through generating a virtual world showcasing the journey of where the ingredients have been sourced.

“3D Colour Show-Wheel” – Maybelliene 


A nice use of Augmented Reality to quickly show consumers what Maybelline nail varnish colour(s) suit them best.

“Money Manager” – Lloyds TSB


“The Dark Night Rises”


I personally liked these two because they demonstrate how flexible Augmented Reality can be. Moving the device around, the user is still able to see content fully without it being disrupted. Also the user is able to zoom in and out of the content and see it from different angles, giving a full 3D “reality” effect.

Content developed for Augmented Reality campaigns should aim to engage and gain attention from audiences potentially with a call to action at some point. The creativity of doing this as a brand is not limited, and more brands (in my opinion) should be using augmented reality as a tool to create amazing experiences for their consumers (in what’s probably a very cost effective way!). For example, putting an augmented reality advertisement in a commuter newspaper E.G. The Metro would be a great way to excite people with your brand and take them to a “virtual world” while on a boring journey home. I think that augmented reality is only going to get bigger and better!