Intern Diary – Leader Communications – Week 2

by leeshb

Here is my second post for my “Intern Diary” series. I have enjoyed my final week of interning at Leader Communications, and will be sad to leave this cosy environment and the lovely colleagues!


It has been a cold and miserable week weather wise, making it that little bit harder to get out of bed in the morning. I didn’t let it stop me though, and haven’t reached the stage yet where going to work has become a chore (I hope that never happens, call me naïve). I started my second week with follow ups and more phone calls to the press regarding press releases and features. Last week I remember being nervous every time I picked up the phone, but this week it was fine. I have to admit, the majority of my days are spent (waiting to eat lunch *joke*) emailing or on the phone- after all, this is communications!

2013-05-09 12.19.24

What my desk looked like within an hour of working

In the middle of the week I was given the opportunity to sit in on a client meeting and take minutes (notes). This was really exciting for me because as I am aware, most large agencies would never let an intern near their clients, whereas an SME (like leader) isn’t as cut throat. I was taken aback in the meeting because the client were actually very laid back and were looking to be “guided”- and I was expecting the opposite! It was interesting for me to see client and agency interaction, and how meetings then turn into actions from both sides. I think that all of the internship’s that I will be doing this summer will help me greatly to improve my communication skills- both verbally and written.

I had wisdom tooth agony this week, but managed to work through the pain!

I had wisdom tooth agony this week, but managed to work through the pain!

I was given a lovely treat this week as my internship comes to an end, and was able to go and visit the new offices that the company are moving to. I was highly impressed by the stunning barn conversion out in the countryside, and I wish I would have had some time there to inspire my thoughts! The rest of the team had their photo’s professionally taken for the website, and as a gift I had mine taken also, for me to use on my LinkedIn profile etc. Was very nice of Leader and I appreciate that they took the time to think of me!

For all of you reading this who are looking to intern, I would highly suggest it. The amount of knowledge you will gain from the people you work with is more than any degree could offer. From this internship alone I have met and spoken to the previous PR and Communications Director for WHSmith and other big clients. I’m not saying that your tasks will be amazing, sometimes you may just be answering calls, but this is the way to get your foot in the door to kick-start your career. My biggest pieces of advice would be to A) Be friendly, offer to make people tea and generally be a nice person to talk to and B) Ask questions! If the MD of an agency is offering you 20 minutes of his or her time, use them wisely!

Overall, this internship has been a lovely start to my career journey. I still haven’t made a decision whether I want to work in public relations, advertising or in an integrated agency. I think at the moment my main focus is to improve my skill set and experience, and specialise later as I begin to realise what I really enjoy. The people and tasks have been great and the experience has been invaluable.

My next internship starts in July and I look forward to telling you all about it!