Ad of The Day- Vodafone- “Lake”

by leeshb

Vodafone have had some really beautiful adverts created for them recently. As part of their “RED price plan” promotion, Vodafone’s new campaign highlights the small and important moments in consumers lives that they as a brand can influence. With a very strong, emotional appeal, the television spots created by Grey London draw the audience into a story, a story that really involves you without even knowing it is an advert. I personally loved “The Kiss” (the first for this campaign) launched last month, as the imagery alongside the story was gorgeous- but got the message across effectively. It’s the same with this advert; I was so caught up in the beautiful moment that the woman was having (wishing it was me), that the promotion just seeped in with it. I wasn’t being forced fed a price plan, I was being given a story where Vodafone have shown how they can help create that moment.

(If you haven’t seen “The Kiss”, see it below)

Agency: Grey London
Client: Vodafone
Sector: Mobile/Technology
Place: United Kingdom