Ad of The Day- Strongbow- “Moment of Truth”

by leeshb


Launching tomorrow, I think that this advert for Strongbow is really cool in response to the brief of “transform the image of the brand to appeal to a younger audience by demonstrating that Strongbow rewards the men who get the job done”. It literally does just that, and as part of the “Earn It” campaign, I think the scenarios that were chosen by the agency were just the right ones, in order to target the audience with humour – as many men would have been or will be in those situations. I particularly liked the surrealism of how “challenging” these activities can be (e.g. the words falling off of the page), and men will definitely agree that they deserve to be rewarded with a drink after completing these tough tasks.

Agency: St. Lukes
Client: Strongbow
Sector: Alcohol
Place: United Kingdom