Share Can- The latest addition to the “Share Happiness” campaign

by leeshb

I have mentioned several times on my blog how much I love the international “Share Happiness” campaign from Coca-Cola, and I’ve just seen the latest addition to this campaign.

Ogilvy France and Ogilvy Asia-Pacific have taken “Share a Coke” to the next level, through developing a Coke can that literally splits in half. With an easy twist function, people are then able to share the Coke with somebody and split it evenly.

I think this is a really nice idea. Although the novelty would probably wear off after a while, I actually think that this design really drives the “sharing” concept. Consumers will definitely talk about this and share with their friends- either literally or online. A great addition to the campaign!

(If you haven’t seen my blog post on Coca-Cola’s latest initiative for the campaign in the UK, placing personalised names on bottles, you can see it here)