I love train station advertising wraps!

by leeshb

My new favourite thing at the moment has to be Out of Home “station wraps” (as I like to call them), where advertisers literally cover selected train stations as part of a campaign. I personally find walking through the London Underground a boring experience, and I’ve seen enough “Lion King the Musical” posters and buskers to last a lifetime. This (not really that new) concept has become my favourite thing at the moment because I’ve been spending a lot more time in London- and a lot more time taking notice of these OOH station wraps.

Here are a few that I really like (and as I go through life I will probably come back and add to this post);

Tropicana – “Single Serve”

– I saw this at Euston station, it was early in the morning and really brightened up my day (literally).

Euston Immersion 2_resized

Nissan – “Nissan Juke”

– Oxford Circus was the first station to be given a 360˚ advertising wrap when Nissan promoted their “Nissan Juke” model in a dramatic way, to create an exciting commuter experience. This was the first time that ceilings and floors were incorporated into the wrap.


The Great Gatsby – Promotion

– What better way to promote a film than to submerge people in the setting at Oxford Circus, making them feel part of the overall “Gatsby” experience.


Although this has been around for a while, I do think that if a company has the budget for it, this is a particularly effective way to target commuters. The essence of being able to enter an experience, while going about your day-to-day life, is what makes consumers excited. The creativity isn’t limited here either, I can imagine bigger and better digital experiments being brought into stations as well as possibly incorporating sound. Who knows, but for now I am really enjoying advertising wraps!