Want to waste 20 minutes of your life and enjoy it?

by leeshb

Mints brand Mentos have taken their “Freshmaker” slogan to the next level, with a website, called “The Fresh Filter“. With this website all of the Mentos community are able to source and enjoy viral material from GIF’s to YouTube videos, with the addition of being able to rate the material as “Fresh” or “Not Fresh”.

Viral content is probably one of those things we all hate to admit we enjoy, but we do. For a fun and wacky brand like Mentos, this is a great idea to get people involved and understand their brand values. I really like the use of language that reaches their audience, phrases like “winning at life” can only be understood by a certain audience of people and it’s great that Mentos have tapped into this.

fresh filter

fresh filter 2

See the site here http://www.mentosfreshfilter.com/