Ad of The Day- Department for Transport- “Think!” #PubLooShocker

by leeshb

(Note: This may be shocking to some readers).


The Department for Transport are known for their shocking “Think!” campaigns, and this new advert doesn’t fail this when promoting “Don’t Drink and Drive”. We are faced with (what looks like) CCTV footage of a pub toilet, where a few men are seen coming out of the toilet and washing their hands. When they do so, the mirror shatters in front of their eyes as it appears to be hit by something from the other side. A face appears and blood spills, showing the image of what a person could potentially look like if their face smashed through a car windscreen. I would be absolutely horrified if this happened to me, and I have a fear of using public restrooms on my own for this exact scary reason.

I think this concept was played on well in the development of this, because the bathroom is probably one of the most vulnerable places a person can be, and the unexpectedness is what brings the “shock factor” to this advertisement. With nearly 6 million views on YouTube, this viral awareness advert with it’s hashtag #PubLooShocker has definitely sent out the sensory message to not Drink and Drive.

Agency: Leo Burnett
Client: Department for Transport
Sector: Awareness/Government
Place: United Kingdom