Heinz Salad Cream “Bring on the Zing”

by leeshb

As a massive salad cream fan myself I couldn’t help but notice this new integrated campaign from Heinz. I was sitting in my back garden recently (when the sun was actually shining), and heard a radio advert for salad cream that really captured my attention. With humorous phrases such as “Cheese sandwiches, E-dam they’re good”, I felt like the voice over was speaking my thoughts when I bite into a cheese sandwich with salad cream.



Personally, I think the campaign appeals to me because I’m a current salad cream lover and know the “Zing” they are going on about. However, the campaign focuses on drawing in a younger audience, social media being the predominant tool to do this. Facebook has been utilised for this campaign, with exciting content such as the “Zing Master” game (where users can play the game with the chance to win prizes). I would say that I wish the Facebook header photo was one of the “Zing” images just to make the campaign more integrated. Overall though I really like the social media presence that Heinz Salad Cream have created for this campaign. The tone of voice is consistent and funny, and can definitely be translated well by a younger audience (e.g. tomatomg sandwich).


Branding themselves a “lunchtime essential”, Heinz are making sure that their salad cream product is being advertised as the best in the market. The “Bring on the Zing” concept with the pop art style print executions are great, turning a condiment into something exciting to think about eating. I love the word zing as I think it defines the product perfectly from taste to how it “upgrades” a meal.

Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
Client: Heinz Salad Cream
Sector: Food/Groceries
Place: United Kingdom