Brands- Making something bigger

by leeshb

I watched a really interesting video today called “Making Something People Love” and it really built upon my thoughts about brands needing to embrace creativity. I feel that somebody in the world decided that creative and exciting content should only be explored if the audience are “young people” and are “social media savvy”. Although young people are a great market for this, there is a large growth in adults embracing online content more, allowing space for creativity to take place.

Coca-Cola (I forever seem to be talking about them) as a global super brand have been using creativity in all ways to engage consumers for their “Share Happiness” campaign. From personalised bottles and cans to PR stunts bringing people together, Coca-Cola have managed to keep their content exciting enough for consumers to want to be a part of their community. This is what brands should be doing more- and if a brand isn’t targeting a wide audience, this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be doing this either.

We as humans love to be entertained and excited, it’s a known fact. In order to engage consumers, brands should understand that there is so much leeway for creativity to take place (whether this is online or offline). A perfect example of this would be when brands such as Skype use their 404 web pages (the annoying error page that people get when a link doesn’t work etc), to place interesting and humorous content to keep their consumers interested but also to give them that extra “LOL” moment.

I noticed recently that retail bank First Direct took a step outside of the box with their brand. With the concept of “everything in black and white” their campaign is literally in black and white, highlighting their brand values (basically not messing customers about). However, I was standing waiting for a train in the London underground and noticed their billboard. It read, “The Unexpected Bank”. At a first glance I thought “ooh creative”, but on a second glance I wondered whether “unexpected” is the right word for banking. What consumer wants to think their money is being handled unexpectedly by a bank. Overall I was taken aback by this and wondered whether this creativity had worked or not. Overall I think the black and white with humorous advertising is clever and takes away the clichĂ©, but that strap line might be too much. At least the creativity is being explored though- unlike Natwest (who really needs a re-brand in my eyes, I know banking isn’t exciting but the dark purple has gone too far).

Overall there is a need for more creativity in marketing communications! Campaigns with funny, clever, interesting, engaging content (obviously with purpose) gets people talking. It’s these campaigns that inspire people. I personally love creativity because it can really change the way people think and feel. The Coca-Cola campaign for example, “Share Happiness”, probably made people want to do good things for each other that they wouldn’t usually do on a daily basis (even though Coke is unhealthy, but we’ll forget this for now). This is why I love marcomms, because human beings are incredible and what better way to see how incredible than by making them excited about something.