by leeshb


Hope everyone hasn’t been struck by hay fever like I have!

After a lovely week of relaxing in Tunisia, I am finally back to work (with high withdrawal symptoms of sun, sand and sea). On Monday I start my 2 week internship at McCann Birmingham in the PR department, and I will make sure to carry on my “Intern Diary” series so you can see how I get along. I’ve been lucky enough to also be accepted by McCann London for some experience with them in September in their advertising department (which I am VERY excited for)- so will be great to see how McCann Erickson work in their different bases.

Right now I’m catching up on how everything went at the Cannes Lions and who came out as winners! It’s nice reviewing all the creativity of the past year- it’s only getting bigger and better.

Thank you to everyone again who takes the time to read my blog, hopefully it’ll get a lot more interesting as my career goes along- right now I don’t know a lot!

Happy reading:)