Ad of The Day- Vauxhall- “Reasons To Be Cheerful”

by leeshb

Here is a great spot that has been created for Vauxhall for their Astra model. I am in love with this advert! I recently have been a bit underwhelmed by car ads, but this really tells a story. While I was sitting in the reception of McCann Birmingham last Monday this was on repeat, and I seriously couldn’t draw my eyes or ears away. Depicting Vauxhall’s British heritage and features through many British summertime “favourite things to do”, I love every scene in the ad. There is a really lovely charm to the ad with the family feel and light hearted song (that’s extremely catchy). I feel proud to be British when I watch this ad and wanting to go on a road trip! I’m sure many others will feel the same…

Agency: McCann Birmingham
Client: Vauxhall
Sector: Automobile
Place: United Kingdom