Ad of The Day- O2- “Be More Dog”

by leeshb


I have to say, I find this advert so entertaining to watch because of the cat’s facial expressions with the voice over alone. The ad starts with an image of a sad looking cat, with sad music playing, and the line reads “I used to be a cat”. My split second reaction “you are a cat” soon changed along with the tempo of the advertisement. This isn’t just a mundane cat, this a cat wanting to experience life, and what way to do it than to “be more dog”. Describing everything from running to sticks as “amazing”, O2 is showing it’s current and potential customers that it is possible to “carpe diem” (or if you don’t know Latin, “seize the day”) and embrace new technology. I personally like this advert because the ad doesn’t physically show what O2 are selling, but are depicting why customers should very well.

Agency: VCCP
Client: O2
Sector: Telecoms/Networks
Place: United Kingdom