Bizarre Twitter rap battle between Tesco Mobile & O2

by leeshb

As I was aimlessly scrolling through Twitter yesterday I came across the strangest thing – two mobile phone networks having a virtual rap battle. O2 and Tesco Mobile have notoriously been known to be “down with the kids” on social media, using humorous slang and phrases to interact with their audiences and drive conversation online.

This “rap battle” was really weird but I thought it was amusing when O2 brought their “#bemoredog” campaign into the equation and Tesco Mobile had a sulk. With hundreds of retweets the brands are definitely building names for themselves online, and with bubbly brand values I think both are doing the right thing in engaging their audiences this way. I just wish it was a little less cringe…

Here are a few print screens of the battle (although both networks seem to have deleted their tweets now, maybe their employees got in trouble for that one…).