The Royal Baby brand round up – my top 5

by leeshb

I know I’m very late with this post but I thought I’d still do a quick round up of my favourite “Royal Baby” brand celebrations. Typical celebration ads and social media content was put out as soon as Prince George was born, and personally I found many of them to be boring and obvious.The thing with “real time” responses from brands is that they have to create that “YES” moment from consumers otherwise it’s just a waste of time. These brands wanted to “congratulate” the couple to increase shares/likes/sales but without the added creativity or subtle link to their brand they could be congratulating a chicken on laying an egg (aka nobody cares).

I think the following were the most creative;

warburtons_bun is done

Warburton’s “One’s bun is done” was my favourite response ad to the birth of The Royal Baby. With good references to their own product and the baby without being self indulgent, it really is thought provoking. Even their strap line “from our family to yours” fits so nicely with the concept of babies, parents and new arrivals.


I thought that Johnsons’ baby used a really subtle yet effective way of using the Royal Baby arrival to target their consumers on Facebook. All parents consider their children to be special so this picture celebrates the royal birth but also tells all parents that their baby deserves to be treated like royalty.


Although a little obvious, I did feel that the arrival of the Royal Baby did fit in well with the Open Happiness “Share a Coke” campaign for Coca-Cola. Their recent campaign with personalised named bottles has been a global hit, and this celebratory ad just seemed right.


I think that newspaper “The Sun” did really well with this one, renaming their paper “The Son” both online and in print format once the news was announced. This gained great coverage and drove conversation amongst people both on and offline. Also, I personally think many people would buy the newspaper on that day to keep as a souvenir – they look at the title and remember exactly when Prince George was born.


Taking a completely different approach, magazine outlet “Private Eye” played on their humorous takes on political and social news by writing this on their front cover. This was supposedly a representation of the majority of people’s attitudes towards the Royal birth in Britain, and was shared greatly on social media. I loved this because I felt this way about the royal baby (have to be honest), and considering every other newspaper and magazine had pictures splashed across them of Prince George and the couple, this just stood out as a funny alternative.