Intern Diary – M&C Saatchi, London – Week 1

by leeshb

So as I mentioned earlier this year, I interviewed for a work experience placement at top ad agency M&C Saatchi and was lucky to gain a spot. This is the first advertising work experience I have done and was so so so excited to start. Last week I began my placement and here’s what I got up to!

M&C Saatchi - "Brutal Simplicity of Thought"

M&C Saatchi – “Brutal Simplicity of Thought”

On our first day we were given our tour around the agency by Ardy, a really nice guy based in account management who looked after us throughout our work placement. It was a shock to see how big the agency is, with beautiful views of London the higher you go up. I really felt like I was in the modern Mad Men! We got chucked right into it on the first day, and I found myself going to two swanky recording studio’s to watch voiceovers being done for The Daily Mail (Sunday and Sport) which was brilliant! I spent the rest of Monday getting used to the work experience format (emails for tasks come through from the agency, and you choose which you’d be able to get done). I also worked on my first research/competitors task for their recently won client, Boots digital.


at the recording studio, watching the sound engineer and voice-over actor work their magic!

On Tuesday, me and Anna (a lovely girl who also is on work experience) were briefed on an account management “Competitive Review” project for us to work on to present on Friday. The client was Direct Line and we were excited to get stuck into this, as it was the first time we’d got to work on something from start to finish. For the rest of this day I was briefed in the PR department on a task, I had to find some costs in line with a budget – but for what for, that’s strictly confidential!

The long and busy commute every morning/evening has been a great insight into working in Central London. I personally really enjoy the buzz and it has definitely made my sleep every night feel heavenly haha.

On Wednesday me and Anna took a long cab journey from Soho to Hoxton to pick up some beautiful hand-crafted models for some print ads for TFL (Transport for London). All of these tasks have shown me how varied and fast paced the ad industry is, no two days are the same. To finish the day I worked on a small task for RBS and carried on working on the presentation.

It’s been really nice venturing out into Soho (where the agency is based) on lunchtimes. The vibe is really cool and there are a lot of niche, beautiful cafés to grab food.


Carnaby Street – Soho

Thursday found me and Anna working hard to finish our presentation, I’ve learnt so much about personal insurance than I ever thought I would! I also found myself being briefed for a WordPress task for an Australian bank, which required me to create a blog, find a skin and start uploading content about innovation in finance for them. This was great because it gave me a chance to show my skills, as I’ve used WordPress for a while now.

Our presentation seemed to come around quite quickly on Friday, and with a lovely spread of sandwiches, sweets and tea we comfortably presented our ideas to Ardy and Noah (the account director for Direct Line). This was a fantastic chance to give our opinion, but also to open up a discussion about their client and talk about their communication strategy. Our presentation seemed to go quite well and I really valued the feedback afterwards.

Overall my first week at M&C Saatchi London has been amazing. I thought that my passion for advertising was big before, but this experience has really opened my eyes to the industry and has ignited my fire for it even more! I’m excited to get involved with more projects next week and really get a flavour of what it would be like to be an Ad girl.