Ad of The Day- Marmite- “Love it. Hate it. Just don’t forget it”

by leeshb

Despite the controversy and over 400 complaints to the ASA about this advert, Marmite have definitely gained some attention because of their recent advertisement. Titled “Love it. Hate it. Just don’t forget it”, the advert focuses on neglected Marmite jars and spoofs a (what I think is funny, not offensive) rescue team entering homes to save these neglected jars from the back of cupboards. Considering Marmite have had the slogan “Love it or Hate it” for years, this humorous ad seems well fit, and I think that both the agency and Marmite have taken a great risk in producing this. In all honesty, I think that the advertisement is a play on the slogan and I really don’t think that there was any intention to upset audiences who may be sensitive about animal rescue (what the spoof imitates).

I guess, that although this advert was amazing PR for the brand, there are things that come with taking risk that brands have to be aware of. Marmite have paid the RSPCA £18,000 in donations to help settle the backlash, which I’m sure will put stakeholders at ease. I love it when big brands take risks though, this ad has gone viral within the past few weeks and it’s understandable why. It sparks conversation, be it good or bad – Marmite is still in consumers heads. A really clever and funny ad, Marmite have stayed true to their tongue in cheek values. After all, who would care if it was bland?

Agency: Adam & Eve DDB
Client: Marmite
Sector: Food and Drink
Place: United Kingdom