Intern Diary- M&C Saatchi, London – Week 2

by leeshb

So here is a snippet of my second (and last) week at M&C Saatchi. I’ve had a great time and again worked on a big variety of projects. Hopefully this will give you an insight into what work experience is like and how I got on.

I had a really exciting start to this week! On Monday morning I made my way to some student halls for a Vine shoot as part of NatWest’s “#Uniproof” campaign. When I was invited to this shoot I expecting to be a hand model, but what I didn’t expect was to actually be thrown into a realm of props, scenes and re-takes. The Uniproof campaign focuses on tips for university, especially ways to save money. All of the work experience people worked on different scenarios, and the production team were great at directing us, getting us into “student character” (which wasn’t hard considering we all go to uni). We also got to play a bit of ping pong, from what I know that’s an ad agency speciality.

on set for NatWest - onesies at the ready!

on set for NatWest – onesies at the ready!

This shoot took two days (which meant two days of yummy Vietnamese food for lunch, can’t complain) and afterwards we could see our hard work up on the NatWest Vine page. It was interesting to learn how much detail goes into social media content, as most people wouldn’t expect to know how long it takes to get it “just right”. I must say, it was amazing to be on set but to also be part of a campaign that is relevant to my life at the moment. Also, it wasn’t bad getting featured on the NatWest Twitter as part of the campaign and then featured on The Drum in an article! My hands are famous yipee.

To see one of the Vine videos click here

To see The Drum article, click here

After these brilliant two days on set it was a bit weird coming back into the office, but I got stuck back into tasks. I worked some more on the Uniproof campaign, proof reading the Facebook quiz app for it to be approved by the risk department. Wednesday was cool because me and Anna (my work experience bud) were given time to learn about the strategy department, what the role entails and an example brief. I was intrigued to learn about strategy (known as “planning”) because I had a preconception that it was all  market research. To be fair, there is a lot of research involved, but I didn’t know that strategy pieces everything from consumer insight to brand values together, to create a focus or “idea” for the creatives. Our mentor, Ardy, went through a great case study from Dixons (that M&C created) that highlighted the strategic thinking. See the campaign below;

Dixons "The last place you want to go"

Dixons “The last place you want to go”

Thursday was my 20th birthday (woohoo) and I spent most of the day carrying on with my WordPress content project for an Australian Bank client. I took a look at the example strategy brief we were given and was excited that the client was Virgin Holidays, for Walt Disney World’s (WDW) new product My Magic+. This was a challenge because the planners need to come up with an idea that integrates the My Magic+ product, with WDW and then also Virgin Holiday’s campaign “unleash your mojo”. I enjoyed working on this, it got me and Anna to understand who the consumers are, what the brand values are for both Virgin and WDW, and how to bring them together.

My custom salad, yum yum

My custom salad, yum yum, with a leftover bottle of wine as a bday present

My last day was spent reading a brilliant book created by M&C Saatchi for their client, Transport for London. It talks about the strategy behind the transport adverts during the Olympic Games, and how it effected behaviour change. This was interesting and knowing the thought behind those ads, a year after seeing them, was so cool. I found out a lot from people at the agency about how to approach my applications for grad schemes – something really useful to take away. Something great about all my work experience is that I’ve learnt that you truly have to be yourself – or you won’t survive, which really made me happy because I was scared that to work in advertising you had to be a quirky genius. I also had a great last day after work drinks with the other “workies” which was a nice way to say goodbye and hopefully we’ll cross paths again in the future!

m and c

with Ally and Anna, my workie buddies!

My experience at M&C Saatchi has been amazing, and I am so excited to start applying for grad schemes (no matter how much I get knocked back). Work experience like this really teaches you a lot about yourself if you are willing to put yourself out there, and talk to everyone where possible. I hope this was interesting to read and I really hope that one day I’ll be able to go back! In a few weeks I’ll be interning at McCann London, so will be back with another diary then!

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