Ad of The Day- John Lewis Home Insurance – “Things Matter”

by leeshb

This is a really feel good, fun advert from John Lewis to promote their home insurance offering. I must admit, it’s quite refreshing to see a lovely advert for home insurance in comparison to the humorous ones that seem to fill the market. John Lewis are sticking to their brand values, focusing on family and home, which links nicely to the “if it matters to you, it matters to us” strap line. I think the ad targets both existing and new consumers really well. People who love John Lewis products will see their home insurance as an extension of their great service, and new consumers may convert if they feel that the brand is trustworthy. The soundtrack (Nina Nesbitt cover of “Don’t Stop” by Fleetwood Mac) combined with all of the other sound effects really do bring the advert to life as well as the beautiful visuals. I tend to forget about audio in an advert until an ad like this shows me how important sound can be for an overall “feel”. I personally think this is an ad you’d like to watch over again and feel good each time.

Agency: adam&eveDDB
Client: John Lewis
Sector: Insurance
Place: United Kingdom