I’m that person that never wins anything that finally won something.

by leeshb

Yesterday I came home from London to a hand written envelope from my university. I was kind of scared to open it, thinking I was formally in trouble for something, but it turned out to be quite the opposite.

I have gratefully received a “Second Year, Undergraduate Marketing Student of the Year Award” from the business school faculty (yipee). Now to some, this may seem like absolutely nothing, but I really felt a sense of happiness reading that I had been voted/recognised for something I didn’t even apply for.

I have had a wonderful year in terms of success and I have to admit, it’s been the hardest I’ve ever worked for anything. My B-Hive competition entry, this blog, my work experience placements and not to mention academic studies have really pushed me to try and achieve great things. So to receive this lovely award in the post has made it clear to me that A) God is good and B) Hard work, perseverance and surrounding yourself with things that make you happy really does work wonders.

I hope it’s onwards & upwards from here! (P.S thank you to those who have supported everything I’ve been doing, even if it meant I looked like a geek/had no life. You know who you are).