Ad’s of The Day- The Times – “The Times. Now with goals”

by leeshb

I saw a this great campaign on the tube recently for The Times and The Sunday Times, promoting their smart phone app that allows users to watch clips of football matches from the Barclays Premier League. The print adverts simply replace the emblem between “The Times” with a representative icon of each Premier League Team – with colour coded background and text.

I think this campaign is really effective especially when placed in areas such as the London underground, where people have the time to work out the team for each one. I only understood the campaign because of the Red & White “Gunners” ad, otherwise I would have had no idea – which personally I think is nice for football fans, to feel a sense of pride that they know their team (or all teams) well enough to guess them. The Times have a higher likelihood of getting their message across with the consumer focusing on the ad for much longer. I like ads that are thought provoking and this was really nicely done.

I won’t spoil them, I’ll let you have a go at guessing!







Agency: The Box, Team News (CHI & Partners, in house at News UK)
Client: The Times and The Sunday Times
Sector: News/Technology
Place: United Kingdom