Ad of The Day – Flora – “Wrestlers by Josh”

by leeshb

I saw this advert on TV for the first time on Sunday and was sitting with my family, and we all looked at each other in a “wait, did the actually mean, surely they didn’t mean, shall we rewind it and check?” kind of way. This a tale that many parents can probably tell themselves, and I think that the way this story has been animated brings a cheeky humour to TV that will undoubtedly make most people giggle. I am so happy that Adam & Eve/DDB have been taking risks lately with their advertising (Marmite being the perfect example). The fact consumers want to rewind just to check that “the wrestling was actually that kind of wrestling” makes Flora more memorable and also enhances it’s family values. I think tapping into the “not all families are perfect” insight is a really great way to engage these consumers and genuinely make them laugh.

Agency: adam&eve/DDB
Client: Flora
Sector: Food
Place: United Kingdom