Just a little update on where I have been…

by leeshb

Hi all! I admit I have been a bit of a blogging ghost recently but I am back now and excited to fill you all in on what I’ve been up to. Apart from procrastinating on BuzzFeed, my days have been pretty productive and I’ve *drum-roll* started my grad scheme applications! A few have opened and the questions are, as expected, pretty tricky. Even if I don’t get anywhere with these applications they are great, I’m finding out more about myself than I ever knew! My favourite application that I’m doing at the moment is for the Lean Mean Fighting Machine, I won’t spoil it, but the application process isn’t standard I’ll tell you that!

Last week I interned at McCann London, I haven’t written an “Intern Diary” on this placement because unfortunately I had to cut it short, but also I didn’t have much to write about in terms of tasks I did. I found the most value in talking to colleagues about the industry and getting to know more about how planning works (this is really beginning to interest me, I like the process of turning consumer truth into a proposition for a campaign).

I’m going into my final year of University (eek) so hopefully I’ll be able to keep this blog updated with anything cool I learn or any insight I’ve gathered from dissertation research. Of course, I’ll be reviewing more adverts and campaigns, hopefully they’ll be of interest to you – hope you enjoy the read!