Entering the real world, I’m back to stay.

by leeshb

Hi guys!

I know I keep writing posts to announce my return to this blog, but this time I’m here to stay (I promise). It’s been a long 9 months, but I have  finished my final year at University and am ready to enter the big, and very real, world. Now that my dissertation has been submitted and exams are out of the way, I can finally return to the things I really love (blogging, eating healthily, actually being outside) and start my new job in a tech start-up!

I think that now I’m venturing into a new industry that really excites me, my posts will be a lot more varied in terms of  innovations I’ve seen/read about, but of course there will be more communications related posts. Seeing a small idea grow into a big one is what made me fall in love with communications and is the same reason I am driven to learn in a start-up. So, from the end of May I will be commuting to the big city that is London to start my new journey as a working gal!

Stay tuned and I’ll leave you with this great campaign from Ogilvy Brazil, who developed a skin cancer awareness campaign using the insight that tattooists get closer to people’s skin than anyone else. This campaign was developed for Sol de Janeiro, a suncream brand in Brazil who target youths, who wanted to raise awareness of skin cancer and increase the amount of young people getting checked.

I think this collaborating with tattooists was a great idea, as young people tend to listen to people who are cool and they had the right amount of access to diagnose any symptoms. These kind of “out of the box” communications campaigns are what I love and can’t wait to blog about more of these!